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MPS Therapy for weight Loss
The ancient practice of acupuncture helps to heal a number of ailments, and practitioners of Western medicine are now embracing it to decrease chronic and postoperative pain, nausea and vomiting, high blood pressure, addictions and weight loss.  Since MPS works on the basis of traditional Chinese medicine points and meridians, It is a "Needle Free" alternative to acupuncture, and an effective tool to help with weight loss.

There are many reasons people become overweight:
hormone imbalances, slowed metabolism, overeating, poor
nutrition and lack of exercise are some of the most common.

The rationale for using MPS for weight control is based in the premise that weight gain could be the result of disturbed energy flow (or Qi) to and from the regulating center of the brain, called the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is the dispatch center that regulates hormones,  neurochemicals, and regulates body temperature, circadian rhythm, thirst and hunger.

Of particular interest is the ability of acupuncture, or MPS, to influence obesity hormones. Research measuring the effectiveness of acupuncture for weight loss found treatments increased ghrelin, a hormone that controls meal initiation and decreased leptin, the hormone that regulates fat storage and metabolism.

The guiding principal is that stimulating acupuncture points can accelerate any other weight control strategy by curbing appetite, quelling cravings, boosting metabolism, improving digestion, regulating obesity-related hormones and enhancing nutrients absorption. It also strengthens the function of the liver, the organ that produces many chemicals critical for digestion, processing nutrients and breaking down of fats. MPS may also increase tone in the smooth muscle of the stomach to help people know that they are full.

To pinpoint the Qi for effective weight control, the MPS device is used on 4 main acupuncture points on the ear.  Regular sessions, and healthy food choices coupled with an exercise regime, will enhance your weight loss regime.  

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