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Personal training sessions are sold in prepaid packages for two weeks or one month.  Sessions in a two week package must be used within two weeks of purchase, Sessions in a one month package must be used within one month of the purchase.  Different rates apply to "in home" sessions.

Two Week Packages

One session a week, (2 sessions total)  $70
​Two sessions a week,  (4 sessions total) $120
Three sessions a week (6 sessions total) $150

Personal Training Services

Regardless of age, sex, or physical ability, the benefits of exercise are essential to living a productive, happy and healthy life. Exercise controls weight, combats health conditions and diseases, improves mood, and boosts your energy. No matter what your fitness goals are, a safe and effective plan can be designed for you to reach them. Weight training helps you tone muscles, Improve your appearance, fight age related muscle loss and osteoporosis, and doesn't take as long as you might think.  You don't have to train every day for 90 minutes.  Studies show that short, intense 30 minute sessions 2-3 times a week are just as effective, with additional aerobic activity done on your own time.  My training sessions emphasize balanced total body exercises and flexibility,  in moderate to high intensity circuits, at your place or mine.

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One Month Packages

One session a week, (4 sessions) $140
Two sessions a week (8 sessions) $240
Three sessions a week (12 sessions) $300
Reasons to hire a trainer:
You're not seeing results

If you've been exercising consistently for several weeks or months and aren't losing weight or reaching your goals, hiring a trainer may be a good choice. A trainer can look at your current regime and help you see where you could make changes to create more effective workouts. A trainer can also help you determine if the goals you've set are realistic for you, hold you accountable for your workouts and help you stay motivated to exercise. 

You're bored with your current workouts-

A good way to keep fitness a part of your lifestyle is to enjoy it.  A trainer can also introduce new ways to exercise; Circuit training, different methods of strength training and different types of equipment you've never tried before. A trainer can bring a fresh perspective, variety and new ideas to challenge you. Even if you just do a few sessions or meet every few weeks, you'll find it refreshing to learn new exercises to add to your normal routine.

You want to learn how to train on your own-

Even if your goal is to exercise by yourself, hiring a trainer for a few sessions can be a great benefit for learning the right way to exercise. This is especially true if you want to learn more about the muscles in your body, the exercises that target those muscles and how to do those exercises with great form. Just a few sessions can teach you a lot about how to train the most effective way.

You need accountability and Motivation- 

Trainers=motivation. Not only are you investing money into your exercise program...you're investing time as well. There's nothing like a standing appointment to get yourself in gear for a workout. Not only that, a trainer provides some accountability so, when you don't have a session, you know your trainer will be asking if you did your planned workouts.
You have a specific condition or previous injury-

If you have any specific issues like arthritis, heart disease, old injuries, etc., working with an experienced trainer can help you find a program that recognizes your previous injuries and avoids any further problems. Exercise has also been shown to help people with a history of depression and bipolar disorder by releasing endorphines, improving body image and helping the person to stick to daily healthy routines.  It's also a great idea to work with a trainer if you're pregnant or trying to get pregnant and want a safe, effective workout to keep you healthy and fit.

If you want to work out at home-

If you would like to exercise at home or at your condo/apartment gym, but either don't have a lot of equipment or aren't sure how to use what is provided to you, in-home personal training is an excellent choice. A trainer can show you exactly how to use what you have to get the best workout for you or bring equipment over to you, to give you a great workout. If you feel like a lack of motivation or time will keep you from showing up to the studio for workouts, you'll know your trainer is on the way over to you, to keep you on track.  

If you have any fitness goals or questions you would like to discuss please call or email me.  Your training consultation is free, I look forward to speaking with you!-

Nicole Sowilo
Studio located at 265 Morton Ln Winter Springs 32708
Email:  Nicole@wellnessworthit.com